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  • Joint International Symposium 2015ba6

    Social Work Education in Europe:
    towards 2025
    29th June - 2nd July 2015
    Milan, Italy - Bicocca University
    Monday 29 June 2014 from 14.00 until 17.00.

    Internationalisation of training in the social professions through efforts of networks
    The symposium evaluates the achievements in the internationalisation of training in the social professions through the efforts of the various networks
    originating in the work of ECCE (European Centre for Community Education) over the past 30 years. Both the title of the network (‘community education’) and
    the European dimension heralded an approach that gave recognition to the specificity of cultural, political and legal contexts in which social work practice is
    bounded at national level on the one hand and to the border-crossing orientation which characterised the social professions right from the beginning on the
    other. The duality of this perspective is today more important than ever given the transversality of issues like migration, demographic transformation and
    economic globalisation and of social policy ideologies based on neoliberalism which threaten to level the value of diversity in methodology and of ethical
    commitments that hold social work to give recognition to identity issues. These issues can only be analysed and pursued from a specific international
    perspective grounded in exchanges of teachers and students which highlights the character of the social professions in the dialectic between cultural and
    individual particularity and scientific universalism. The symposium will bring together the results of projects that have demonstrated the value of such
    exchanges and will aim at formulating a manifesto for the further development of the international and intercultural dimension of education in the social



  • Joint International Conference 2013


  • "Festschrift" für Friedrich W. Seibel

    Professor Friedrich W. Seibel, the first president and
    currently the manager of ECCE, celebrated his 70th
    birthday last year. On the occasion of his anniversary,
    the book “Gesellschaftlicher Aufbruch, reale Utopien
    und die Arbeit am Sozialen“ („Confronting social transition,
    realising utopias, safeguarding the social”) was published
    and dedicated to him. Professor Seibel significantly
    contributed to social work development in Europe,
    especially to initiation of cooperation of academicians from
    EU countries with their colleagues from Central and
    Eastern Europe. With his action he distinctly redounded
    to overcoming prejudices towards academicians and social
    work practitioners from post-communist countries. With
    his personal commitment he reached the recognition of
    social work as an academic discipline in the CEEC.
    In those countries, as a professor as well as a human beeing,
    he gained not only appreciation but also number of friends.

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  • Walter Lorenzba6

    Rector, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano
    Eileen Younghusband Memorial awardee.
    Author of books on Social Work.
    Honorary President of the
    "European Centre for Community Education - ECCE".
    during the
    Joint World Conference
    on Social Work and Social Development: Action and Impact
    12 July 2012, Stockholm




  • ECSPRESS-Edition - ECSPRESSE Band 7ba7
    LORENZ, W. / CHYTIL, O. (eds.)
    European Developments and the Social Professions
    Community, Education, Research, Professionalisation
    Europäische Entwicklungen und die Sozialen Professionen
    Gemeinwesen, Ausbildung, Forschung, Professionalisierung
    Sviluppi Europei e le Professioni Sociali
    Comunità, Educazione, Ricerca, Professionalizzazione
    Evropský vývoj a sociální profese
    Komunita, Vzdělávání, Výzkum, Profesionalizace


  • ECSPRESS-Edition - ECSPRESSE Band 6
    CHYTIl, O./ FRIESENHAHN, G. J./ba6
    SEIBEL, F.W./ WINDHEUSER, J. (Hrsg.)

    Soziale Professionen für ein Soziales Europa
    Gemeinsame Herausforderungen und Diskurse
    Social Professions for a Social Europe
    Common challenges and discourses
    Professions Sociales pour une Europe Sociale
    Défis communs et discours
    Sociální profese pro sociální Evropu
    Společné výzvy a diskurzy





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