European Centre for Community Education_______Centro Europeo per l´Educazione Comunitaria_______Centre Europeen pour l´Education Communautaire_______Ευρωπαϊκό Κέντρο για Κοινοτική Εκπαίδευση_______Evropské Centrum pro Komunitní Vzdělávání


The "European Centre for Community Education - ECCE" was founded on December, 15, 1985, in Oberwesel (Germany).

ECCE has the legal form of a registered association
(e. V.).


  • The fundamental task of the ECCE is to further the concept of Europe as a social community through the promotion of activities which will facilitate the comparison of existing models, and the possible development of new models of community education. In this context the term community education is used to include the fields of social work, community work, youth work, work with disadvantaged people and other related educational activities.

  • The Centre therefore is intended to promote greater knowledge and better understanding of different cultures amongst young people with particular reference to Europe, through providing educational experiences and training activities on a multilateral basis.


  • To initiate, develop and promote multilateral exchanges.

  • To provide intercultural learning opportunities for workers and for those engaged in their  education and training in the field of community education.

  • To develop networks for the exchange of information and research about theory and practice in the field of community education.











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